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27 April 2005 11:30 Project Info - Active PHP Bookmarks

auch interessant, aber die entwicklung wird grad vernachlässigt

unalog social bookmark script

Unalog ist ein python Script für Soziales Bookmarking

Welcome to Bookmark4U

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interessante bookmarksoftware mit public directory Project details for b.

b. is a Web-based manager for bookmarks (which are stored in an XML/XBEL file). Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts, and it supports multiple users and user-customizable themes. It only requires Perl and a Web server.

Bookmarks Converter

Bookmarks converts the Internet Explorer Favorites to Netscape/Mozilla bookmarks format and vice-versa.


CuteMarks is a cute little bookmark manager for public or private use on a Web server. It's designed to work without cookies, JavaScript, and graphics while still maintaining the full functionality of other bookmark managers. It is able to import IE bookmarks, uses templates and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and is highly configurable in respect to its output.


bbps is a simple and small PHP/MySQL application to manage bookmarks on a server. It differs from other such programs because bookmarks are not stored in folders; instead, each bookmark can be assigned to an indefinite number of categories.

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