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shotbot v1

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Shotbot est un système automatisé de génération de vignettes jpeg à partir de pages HTML, à destination des webmasters. Ses principales caractéristiques sont l'affichage d'un premier rendu en moins de 15 secondes, ainsi que la prise en charge des extensions flash.


Thierry Image Placement

After spending some time reading about FIR, I thought it would be interesting to turn the debate on its head by reverting to the discarded <img /> element.

SpeedingRhino » DHTML Image Cropper

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This project consists of a Dynamic-HTML interface for cropping images. The user creates a crop selection by dragging a rectangle inside the image and then adjusting it.

Metapixel - A Photomosaic Generator

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Metapixel is a program for generating photomosaics. It can generate classical photomosaics, in which the source image is viewed as a matrix of equally sized rectangles for each of which a matching image is substitued, as well as collage-style photomosaics, in which rectangular parts of the source image at arbitrary positions (i.e. not aligned to a matrix) are substituted by matching images.

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