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Developer's Guide - Google Chart API

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The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts.


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All the fun of Google Street View in one website.

Howto: Google Maps Street View outside US

Google is making excessive use of their GeoIP database these days to test new features in a limited area of their choice. Now they decided to only let users from the US use the street view option in Google Maps. If you live in another country, you'd actually have to wait until Google releases the feature worldwide or use a proxy from inside the states. There's another way to avoid Google's IP filter though.

Master Plan - About the power of Google

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Nice video about Google's "creative" interest for privacy. A little conspiracy theory but first a very sleek motion design.

Black Google would save 3000 megawatts

A black background instead of a white one would save electricity?


Scoopeo - Google Suggest en plein délire

Taper "ple" dans le formulaire et voyez le résultat.

Google Music Trends

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See what Google Talk users are listening to.

Goggles :: The Google Maps flight sim

by 15 others
Un "mini simulateur de vol" basé sur Google Maps. Enorme !

Google Talk - Updated!

Nouveautés dans Google Talk : transfert de fichiers, voicemail, indicateur de musique. Enfin si vous n'utilisez pas meebo bien sûr !


Knowledge Base - GoogleMapki

Des tonnes de liens vers des applications diverses et variées de l'API Google Maps et les utilitaires qui pourront vous aider.

Google Maps : filled polygons, custom icons, and more

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So you want to create filled polygons, custom icons, and more in your Google Maps app?

Find the Landmark - a Google Maps Game

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Apprend la géographie avec Google Maps. Trouve le lieu indiqué en rouge en haut de page.

TLabel: A Google Maps Extension

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TLabel allows you to embed any DOM object inside Google Maps. It's especially useful if you need to show an infoWindow but don't have enough content to fill it. A TLabel is only as large as it needs to be.

Page Hijack Exploit: 302, redirects and Google

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302 Exploit: How somebody else's page can appear instead of your page in the search engines.

HOW-TO: Make your own annotated multimedia Google map - Engadget -

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One of the great things about Google maps is it has its roots in XML. To translate for the non-web developers out there, it basically means Google maps are user hackable. This how-to will show you how to make your own annotated Google map from your own GPS data.


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Quand on mélange Google Maps avec le site de petites annonces Craiglist, on obtient ce fabuleux truc où l'on peut afficher directement l'appartement de ses rêves à New York à 2250 dollars de loyer et le visualiser instantanément sur la carte !

Google Code

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Welcome to Google Code, Google's place for Open Source software.

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