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Classeur : Design Patterns

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Reuse, recycle, but don’t reinvent the wheel unless necessary.


Funny remixing of existing flags with virtual client comments.


Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone concept designs from all over the web.

Comment illustrer le "Corporate" ?

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Voici le Top 10 des clichés Corporate. (tellement vrai !)

The Real Reason Designers Don't Contribute To Open Source

It’s Monday morning and “Designer” has just decided to help “Developer” on the open source project “ProjectX”. Hilarious!

Eulda - The European Logo Design Annual 2006

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EULDA is the high-profile award scheme for graphic designers that rewards the finest logos designed in Europe.

LUGZ: Timeline (Quicktime)

La pub pour Apple/Eminem avait été retirée de l'antenne. Pourquoi ? Plagiat d'un clip de 2002.


Advertising/Design Goodness

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There are way too many bad ads going around, so i thought we should concentrate on the ones that are great. - Designline - A Design Timeline

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I have often wondered what it would be like to see a web site design progress from start to finish, with each tweak and change being shown as it progresses—a design timeline, if you will.

Nifty Corners

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Cool stuff, creating rounded boxes without any images or extra CSS. Check out the examples.

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