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White Glove Tracking | We're Done - Thanks!

On May 4th, 2007, we asked internet users to help isolate Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean. 72 hours later 125,000 gloves had been located. wgt_data_v1.txt (listed below) is the culmination of data collected. It is released here for all to download and use as an input into any digital system.

World Gazetteer: download

The downloadable file contains a list of all towns, administrative divisions and agglomerations with their current population, their English name (if not equal to the international name) and parent country.


Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery

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The CSS Table Gallery is a showcase of how CSS and data tables can work together to create usable and pretty results.

Content with Style: Database-driven tree structures with XML and XSLT

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This article deals with the display of tree-structures that are driven by a database. There are actually a few approaches to transform a 2-dimensional structure into a tree, and it seems odd that most are unknown to many developers.

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