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November 2006

October 2006

4S newcom - Products: Overview

The 4S product suite enables you to build your own VoIP system based on the open-standard SIP communication protocol.

September 2006


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Minisip is a SIP User Agent ("Internet telephone"). windows/linux/windows mobile

PIKA Technologies Inc. - News & Events - Art Downloads

PIKA Connect for Skype allows application developers to create business communicaitons solutions that integrate with Skype Software.

trixbox - asterisk up and running in one hour

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August 2006

July 2006

June 2006

Abbeyphone SDK

abbeyphoneVOW (Voice Over Web) is a customizable platform that provides communication services that are pervasively integrated into a Web-based environment.

Cisco buys two small software companies - Network World

Metreos offers application development and management environments for IP communications. Its technology will help Cisco system integrators, resellers and other partners build applications for the Unified Communications System. Audium provides development

May 2006

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