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Veerle, graphic design degree in hand, started Duoh! in 1992, focusing on freelance print work. In 1994, she was wooed by Geert Leyseele. Clutching her strong graphic design principles under one arm, and her heart in the other, she took the leap, and a little while later, beautiful little Duoh! n.v. was born. Geert Leyseele As it turned out, Geert wasn't just another pretty face. Veerle's hero brought superpowers to her business: X-ray vision to see around corners into the future of the web, a drive to move to Web Standards, an eye for project management, and the ability to leap wireframes and IA obstacles in a single bound. When Veerle's blog became famous around the world for her tutorials and insights on design, CSS, and other subjects, fascinated readers saw the picture in the heading and asked, "Is that the designer's girlfriend?" No, it was Veerle, the other happy half of Duoh! Life is our inspiration We inhale the richness of life : * sharing love, laughter, and knowledge with our friends and web community * absorbing design (from galaxies to retro menus to bathroom faucets, we see it everywhere) * putting our minds to design puzzles * digging deeply into markup and code so our designs can sing * delighting in chill house and progressive house music, art and artists, lovely sandy beaches, and biking through the countryside and, then, we exhale websites. Growing up but staying small We love what we do and want to do it ourselves, not manage others. We create websites for some Big Clients (and fresh, little start-ups, too), and choose our clients just as carefully as they choose us. Each day, we throw ourselves passionately into the task of becoming better at work and at play. The rest of the Duoh! story? Look around; our work says it all.

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