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July 2006

October 2005

Information of the independent CG film "NEGADON-the Monster from Mars"

In the 50th anniversary year of monster films, a director fascinated with Godzilla makes a new special effects monster film. In 2025, an evil monster comes from Mars. A gigantic robot, the product of Japanese scientific research, fights against the monster. This is a spectacular full CG independent short film by Jun Awazu.

March 2005

Monster Zero News - THE Source for Kaiju News on the Web

Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and Japanese monster news, reviews, and more

Michael's Godzilla vs Destoroyah Page

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All about Godzilla vs Destroyer (or Destoroyah) with commentary, monster bios, locations, pictures, faqs, sounds, behind-the-scenes, artwork, movie reviews, Bandai toys, Japanese books, and Godzilla collectibles


Godzilla's Official Website

origami KAIJU

Kaiju de la Toho,en figuritas de origami

Toho Kingdom

Unofficial Toho Website

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