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Vintage Ninja

This is a stream-of-consciousness look at shinobi-inspired media from decades (and in a few cases centuries) past. Beside the black-clad commandos we know and love as ‘ninja’ you’ll also find extended family like masked vigilantes and hooded detectives, trouble-making wizards and mischievous magicians, short-skirted sword girls with shadow skills, and more.




Information of the independent CG film "NEGADON-the Monster from Mars"

In the 50th anniversary year of monster films, a director fascinated with Godzilla makes a new special effects monster film. In 2025, an evil monster comes from Mars. A gigantic robot, the product of Japanese scientific research, fights against the monster. This is a spectacular full CG independent short film by Jun Awazu.

[ G I A N T   R O B O T ]

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From movie stars, musicians, and skateboarders to toys, technology, and history, Giant Robot magazine covers cool aspects of Asian and Asian-American pop culture. Paving the way for less knowledgeable media outlets, Giant Robot put the spotlight on Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li years before they were in mainstream America's vocabulary.

Studio Tanuki

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Le Studio Tanuki, à partir d'une large influence de la culture et du graphisme japonais, propose un propose un panel de réalisations variées ,allant de la création graphique au site dynamique, en passant par l'animation et le jeu flash.

Monster Zero News - THE Source for Kaiju News on the Web

Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and Japanese monster news, reviews, and more

Michael's Godzilla vs Destoroyah Page

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All about Godzilla vs Destroyer (or Destoroyah) with commentary, monster bios, locations, pictures, faqs, sounds, behind-the-scenes, artwork, movie reviews, Bandai toys, Japanese books, and Godzilla collectibles


Capcom Official Website


Godzilla's Official Website

origami KAIJU

Kaiju de la Toho,en figuritas de origami

Toho Kingdom

Unofficial Toho Website

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