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One day without Google - Free yourself from Google!

Can you imagine the Internet without Google? I mean SEARCH without Google? I guess not. Because most likely, like we are too, you are addicted to Google, the new Big Brother. The one that knows everything. We need to get free from Google. We need to start One day without Google.


Make Google Go Crazy

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Here's what you need to do to make Google go crazy (this supposedly works for other websites too, though I only got it to work with Google)



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What Google search term would have returned these images?


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For example, if you search for "biotechnology" in a typical search engine, you get hundreds of entries for biotech corporations. In activista, the same search returns pages of people working to expose the dangers of biotechnology.

Google Fight : Make a fight with googleFight

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Add a keyword, add another, and then make them fight to see which one has more results in a Google search

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