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Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics-The Newsstand

Using the Newsstand you can view the covers of comics that were onsale during a given month. Several publishers are currently included: DC (and all its imprints), Marvel (thru 1996), Fawcett, Quality, Charlton, Wildstorm (Image), and more.

Happle Tea - Comics!

A webcomic about mythology and other things. Every Tuesday and Friday.

National Days

This purports to be a real list of "national" "days"

Almost Fameless

I work in the film and tv industry. I make fun of the weird stuff I find in the mail. Welcome to the Hollywood mailroom. Where big dreams come to take a nap.




by 5 others is the largest website on the Internet that allows you to play classic Nintendo Entertainment System games like Contra, Mega Man, Tecmo Bowl and Super Mario Bros. and great imported games online for free.



Creepy girl

Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner

by 2 others
Personal art project by visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator Yanko Tsvetkov

taxidermy - Ravishing Beasts: Taxidermy

Ravishing Beasts: dedicated to all things taxidermy. Sometimes the most unlikely objects offer the most eloquent commentaries.

Fun Latin

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Some phrases from Latin for all Occasions, by Henry Beard.

Super Mario Crossover - Free Arcade Game Played Online

You can choose any other classic Nintendo character to play with in this Mario based platform.

ben newman art

naughty art, filthy fairytales and other perverted nonsense.

Dear Coke Talk

Shady advice from a raging bitch who has no business answering any of these questions.

Coke Talk

Staggering through Hollywood with an eager nose and a sharp tongue.

2009 - Nudge

Everyone can create music

One day without Google - Free yourself from Google!

Can you imagine the Internet without Google? I mean SEARCH without Google? I guess not. Because most likely, like we are too, you are addicted to Google, the new Big Brother. The one that knows everything. We need to get free from Google. We need to start One day without Google.

Ladies Weapons

Ladies weapons, an art project by Antonio Riello.

E-mails from an Asshole

This is a collection of e-mails I have sent to people who post classified ads. My goal is to mess with them, confuse them, and/or piss them off.

Crypt Logic: The Art of Bryan Baugh

The Horrific Artwork on this website is Rated R

El Gorgo!

Inspired by the wonderful comics of the Silver-Age, El Gorgo! is all about BIG! AWESOME! COSMIC! ADVENTURES!

Drama Button

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For all of life's unnecessary drama. This is a fun and humorous way to compliment the epic moments in life.


by 3 others is a site that allows users to create a frame-by-frame video wall display using any YouTube video link.

Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood

Welcome to the official website for the film Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood, coming in 2009.

Las 100 Razones Por Las Cuales No Existen Superhéroes Mexicanos

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The 100 Reasons Why There Ain't No Mexican Super-heroes

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