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Dave Alvarez Studio

I'm David Alvarez, mostly known for my comic strip Yenny and my early work in Looney Tunes comics


Blog of animator & illustrator Juanmanimation


Harald Siepermann's blog


3-D Nightmare Before Christmas anaglyphs

3D stereo photographs of the Disney stop-motion animated film. by Rodolphe Guenoden

All the artwork here is copyright Rodolphe, me. If you use it without my permission, I will hurt you bad. A punch in the gut. Cigarette burns. Really nasty stuff. What? Were you expecting my life story?

The Comic Book

Welcome to the new Nick Mag comics blog! Every issue of Nickelodeon has a pullout section called (appropriately) The Comic Book, which features a full-page cover and an eclectic mix of one- and two-page comics.


*Unique* interpretations of animated characters - as far away from their original look as the artist can get without losing recognition.

Flash / Egg Song

Korean Flash Movie Animation

ragnar-Little Cartoons

Illustrations by Brandon Ragnar Johnson.


Webcomics on PixelStrips- Comics, Cartoons, Comic Reviews, Comic Tutorials

PixelStrips offers webcomics, comics, and cartoons, manga, anime, action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, romance, comedy, spiritual, animal, adult, and superhero topics. PixelStrips features free comic book reviews, comic artist interviews, comic articles, webcomics, and movies. Comic Book Penciling, Inking, Lettering, Writing, and Coloring tutorials are on our forums.

.::Animaciones Flash, caricaturas, parodias de cine y TV, etc.:::...

Cuando iniciamos nuestra página, la idea original era crear un portal con recetas de cocina para hacer tamales, pero no supimos en que momento terminamos haciendo "Flash-Gags" o sea, animaciones de cortísima duración, mostrando un detalle chusco y divertido de películas, caricaturas y series de TV del momento Art Of Lynne Naylor

Oficial website of Lynne Naylor (Ren & Stimpy, The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, Batman, The PowerpuffGirls, Samurai Jack, Star Wars:Clone Wars)

Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie

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Angry Alien Productions specializes in cartoons, illustration and design services. Sase the Octopus and Topsie the Turtle are copyright by Jennifer Shiman. Home of the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre.

steward lee's sketch-pad

Welcome to Steward Lee's Sketch-Pad. Cool art and animation and a bit of kung fu.

Studio Tanuki

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Le Studio Tanuki, à partir d'une large influence de la culture et du graphisme japonais, propose un propose un panel de réalisations variées ,allant de la création graphique au site dynamique, en passant par l'animation et le jeu flash.


Sandra Equihua's website

The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products

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The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS

Jingle Belle

Paul Dini's homesite

Tex Avery Tribute

A tribute to cartoonist Tex Avery

the dream project

The Dream Project brings together artists of varying disciplines to animate the dreams of real people.

Ronnie Del Carmen

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Ronnie Del Carmen's Official Website

- Enrico Casarosa's Portfolio and Sketchbook -

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Site containing Enrico Casarosa's artwork: ranging from comicbook work, animation, figure drawing, pin-up sketches, animestyle, planes illustrations, photos and more!

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