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18 March 2007

eBay Watch: Mapping Sales Boosts Bottom Line

GoodStorm released a new set of tools to help musicians and bands sell their own music and merchandise online. Competing with the 99-cent standard set by Apple Computer, GoodStorm's e-commerce tools lets artists sell their music for as little as 25 cents a track. Fans of the music will also be able to offer the tracks on their own Web sites and earn a commission on each track sold. GoodStorm offers online stores to individuals and handles the inventory management, billing, shipping and customer support.

14 March 2007

13 March 2007

Digg - MeCommerce from GoodStorm

MeCommerce from GoodStorm GoodStorm, the Drupal Powered on demand T-Shirt printing service, is launching a new service called "MeCommerce" (see article here which will allow bloggers (and other websites) to include an ecommerce widget which will: allow bloggers to insert product listings in a javascript and iframe box on their sites and keep 50% of the retail mark-up for...

08 March 2007

05 March 2007


I can't believe all the good press this company is getting...

03 March 2007

02 March 2007