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14 March 2007

13 March 2007 @ Birdman Showcase at Club de Ville (Wednesday, March 14, 2007)

GoodStorm, an eCommerce company hell-bent on empowering bands to sell their own music and merchandise anywhere on the web, will be launching three new eCommerce tools at SXSW. Midnite Snake 8:00 p.m. Pittsburgh PA Rock The Spider Bags 9:00 p.m. Chapel Hill NC Rock Greg Ashley with Brian Glaze and the Medicine Fuck Dream Road Show 10:00 p.m. Kosse TX Rock The Nice Boys 11:00 p.m. Portland OR Rock The Time Flys 12:00 a.m. Oakland CA Rock Apache 1:00 a.m. San Francisco CA Rock

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02 March 2007

01 March 2007

26 February 2007


This looks like it is going to be a really awesome show!

22 February 2007

21 February 2007