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March 2008

OLED-TV - LaunchTags

OLEDs have the potential to make exciting TVs (or computer displays). OLED are bright, ulta-thin, low power, and they show beautiful pictures. Sony will start selling OLED TVs in December 2007. But these will be small and pricey. The main issue is the lifetime (OLED displays degrade after a certain time), and also production cost are still high (Although theoretically OLEDs may become cheaper than LCD).

December 2007

W2400 first AMOLED mobile phone

Samsung Electronics has introduced its first handset model equipped with Samsung SDI’s 2.2-inch active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AM OLED) panel at a retail price of 599,000 won.

November 2007

Samsung-SDI OLED-Company,AMOLED from Samsung-sdi,oleds from Samsung-sdi

Samsung SDI is by far taking the initiative in OLED the mobile display for next-generation as well. We are going to dominate OLED market with our advanced technology along with the development of full-color AMOLED for IMT-2000 and the successful mass production of full-color OLED first time in the world. #break# Over the past three decades Samsung SDI has famed for display specific company and now is reborn as a digital mobile company through successful digital display and next generation energy business. #break# Samsung SDI has been developing digital products of frontier level in the basis of world top display technology in the wide range from color Braun tube to leading flat display, PDP so called innovation of display, LCD and OLED the center of mobile display, and Lithium-ion Battery, the heart of mobile communication devices.

June 2007

Vitex's Barix Solution Maintains Superior Moisture

Vitex's Barix thin-film barrier uses an organic and inorganic multi-layer structure. To demonstrate product compatibility, it was used to create the world's first high-resolution AMOLED, which leverages an amorphous silicon backplane on a flexible metal foil. This flexible display -- jointly developed by Universal Display Corp. and LG. Philips LCD -- was showcased at last month's Society for Information Display (SID) conference in Long Beach, Calif. Similar encapsulation was shown by Samsung SDI on the world's first, and thinnest, full-color top emission AMOLED on a metal foil during last year's show.

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