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CES-2012 OLED-Tv

The CES is the world largest electronic consumer show. The major show in Las Vegas show this year also 55 inch OLED-Television


What kind of new OLED Displays we expect for CES-2011

Erich Strasser from with some forecast about the Consumer Electronic Show 2011 in Las Vegas and OLEDs. OLED (organic light emitting diode) is the next big thing in lighting and displays.


Osram show new technology for large transparent OLEDs

The OLED prototypes that OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has developed as part of a research project are large transparent light sources only a few hundred micrometers thick. Thanks to new technology these organic light emitting diodes do not need separate encapsulation and can be made incredibly thin in any layout. The transparent test samples have a luminous area of 210 cm² and are already showing the enormous potential of OLED light sources. They offer a tantalizing glimpse of the extraordinary lighting applications that may one day become reality.

LG-Displays 32 inch OLED-Tv will cost arount 3,999 dollar and come mid 2010

There are new insider informations about LG Displays OLED development. The first main message is that LG Display want to deliver their 32 inch OLED-Television device by June 2010 for a price of around 3.999 Dollar and the 15 inch panel end of 2009.


CES-2009 Forecast

Die CES 2009 steht vor der Tuer und trotzt scheinbar der Finanzkrise. Dieses Jahr koennte die CES 2009 was neue HDTV Flat Panel Technologien angeht ein echter Knaller werden.

OLED-TV - MyBlogLog

All about the next Flat-TV generation OLED (organic light emitting diode) #break# Community about OLED-TV Oled-lighting and all about Organic light emitting diode

OLED-TV, Oled-television, Introduction to OLED, Learn all about OLED-Television, Flat-TV Organic light emitting diode

OLEDs have the potential to make exciting TVs (or computer displays). OLED are bright, ulta-thin, low power, and they show beautiful pictures. #break# Introduction to the OLED technology An OLED is made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. Here's Kodak's description of OLEDs - "OLED displays stack up several thin layers of materials. They operate on the attraction between positively and negatively charged particles. When voltage is applied, one layer becomes negatively charged relative to another transparent layer. #break# As energy passes from the negatively charged (cathode) layer to the other (anode) layer, it stimulates organic material between the two, which emits light visible through an outermost layer of glass." #break# Today you can find small organic displays in many types of devices - Cell phones, A/V players, car audio systems, Digital cameras and PDAs. The main attraction today is the small size, the low power consumption and the great brightness. In december 2007 Sony will begin to sell the first OLED television (11" size). Here's our list of devices with an OLED display.

Sony invests in OLED TV

OLED displays use organic, or carbon-containing, compounds that emit light when electricity is applied. Unlike liquid crystal display panels, they do not need backlighting, making OLED TVs slimmer and more energy-efficient.

Full HD OLED from Sony

Wow Sony shows the super top emission panel does have FULL HD 1920x1080 Pixel. The 27-inch model is incredibly 10 millimeters thin panel and offers over 1,000,000 :1 contrast ratio with outstanding brightness, exceptional color reproduction, and a rapid response time. Glasgow from Sony said in his keynote: "Sony working on flexible versions of this technology -- it is still in the lab stages."



OLEDs have the following advantages over today's LCD or plasma displays: Exciting displays - new types of displays, that we do not have today, like ultra-thin, flexible or transparent displays. Low power consumption - OLEDs are a far better choice for portable devices. It also makes OLEDs much more environmental friendly, and a candidate to be the white-light "bulb" of the future Greater brightness - The screens are brighter, and have a fuller viewing angle. Better durability - OLEDs are very durable and can operate in a broader temperature range Lighter weight - the screen can be made very thin, and can even be 'printed' on flexible surfaces

Infos about Sonys OLED-TV

Sony releases the XEL-1 on time, the company would become the first consumer electronics company to offer an organic light-emitting diode TV.

ces-2008 | News about OLED,Laser-TV,SED-TV

All about the CES-2008 future displays oled, laser-Tv, sed-tv

Samsung publish OLED-TV at CES-2008

Wow Samsung strikes back against Sony and puplished that they has succeeded in a 40-inch AM OLED screen for the first time in the world.

OLED-TV Displays and White Oled for lighting,Future of Flat-TV, OLED Flat TV,

OLED TV Displays and OLED lighting infos and news #break# Every year, approx. 200 million color television sets are produced. More and more, classical CRT TVs are replaced by LCD TVs. In 2007, their share in the total market shall already be 33 %. This corresponds to approx. 65 million LCD TVs. Moreover, 1.66 billion small and medium-sized LCD displays for mobile phones, #break# OLEDs consume clearly less power than LCDs: no back light unit is required and, contrary to LCDs, where the complete BLU is continuously switched on and, thus, consumes power, only those pixels emit light which are currently required.

Detail Photos from Sonys XEL-1 OLED-Television,Amazing pictures from Sonys XEL-1

Amazing pictures from the first OLED-Display from Sony! #break# From the box to the first turn on of the Sony XEl1 OLED Display

Oleds from Samsung, Epson and CMEL at FPD-International in Yokohama

After the CEATEC now the FPD International in Yokohoma shows some new Displays

Release of OLED-TVs?

Very good article about the release from OLED-Tv

Oled tv panel-shipments-to-reach-3-million-units-in-2011

DisplaySearch of the United States forecast shipments of organic EL TV panels would reach around 3 million units in 2011 at the 13th DisplaySearch Japan Forum July 24, 2007.

Overview of the next TV-technologies!

In the next few years many new TV technologies want to be a main factor in the television market. Which technology can existence through the big player on the market LCD/Plasma? We make a Overview about the next television technologies like OLED-TV, Laser-TV, SED-TV, FED-TV, HDR-Displays, MDDP-Display.

Sony to sell ultra-thin OLED TVs this year!

Sony spokesman Daiichi Yamafuji published via Reuters great news for OLED-TV. Sony planned to start selling ultra-thin TVs using organic light-emitting diode technology this year, likely becoming the first to market with a TV using the promising next-generation display.