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CES-2012 OLED-Tv

The CES is the world largest electronic consumer show. The major show in Las Vegas show this year also 55 inch OLED-Television


Links bei Shopping one

Eine sehr gute Linkliste bei Shopping one, mit sehr guten Erklärungen und Hintergrund Infos


Osram show new technology for large transparent OLEDs

The OLED prototypes that OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has developed as part of a research project are large transparent light sources only a few hundred micrometers thick. Thanks to new technology these organic light emitting diodes do not need separate encapsulation and can be made incredibly thin in any layout. The transparent test samples have a luminous area of 210 cm² and are already showing the enormous potential of OLED light sources. They offer a tantalizing glimpse of the extraordinary lighting applications that may one day become reality.


OQO announce model 2+ World First UMPC with an OLED Display

OQO Inc announces the world first Umpc model with an OLED Display. The 2+ with the Intel® Atom™ processor, and worldwide 3G capability.

Plextronics Announces Improved Performance in P-OLEDs with CDT

Plextronics, Inc. — an international technology company that specializes in printed solar, lighting and other organic electronics — announced today that its conductive ink has been shown to improve the performance of certain P-OLED devices. P-OLEDs (Polymer Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are a fast growing, new generation of display technology, which promise to replace liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in many existing applications in the coming years, as well as create exciting possibilities for new product forms such as flexible or even wearable displays.

Mitsubishi Laser-TV LaserVue,LaserVUE from Mitsubishi

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Mitsubishi held its annual dealer line show last week in Huntington Beach, Calif., and the major news was that Mitsubishi has named its recently announced Laser TV, which will be branded as LaserVue a

First Table lamp with OLED-light from OSRAM and Ingo Maurer design!,Early Future OLED Lamp, OSRAM Eearly Future Lamp from Ingo Maurer

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and celebrated lighting designer Ingo Maurer have unveiled a revolutionary lighting application based on organic LEDs (OLEDs) at the Light+Building Fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (April 6-11, 2008). Ingo Maurer is the first to use OLEDs from OSRAM in a functioning table light. #break# OSRAM Opto Semiconductors made prototypes of organic light emitting diodes available to the designer for his exclusive creation. “We are proud that our OLEDs have inspired such a renowned artist as Ingo Maurer to create such an exciting work of art. ‘Early Future’ is a vision that has become reality. It gives us a glimpse of just how versatile organic OLEDs can be in terms of their design options and applications,” said Martin Goetzeler, CEO of OSRAM.

Samsung NV24HD HD Kamera mit 2.5 Zoll AMOLED, Samsung Kamera mit OLED-Display,

Samsung zeigt auf der CES 2008 eine neue Kamera mit 2,5 Zoll AMOLED Display. Das Display hat eine viel schnellere Reaktionszeit und eine bessere Farbwiedergabe. #break# Die Samsung NV24HD begeistert mit seinem AMOLED Display

Apples 3G next generation IPHONE with a OLED-Display?

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney claims to have heard "from sources in Asia" that Apple has placed a 10 million unit order for 3G iPhones, according to an interview by the iPod Observer. #break# Apples next generation Iphone 3G with an OLED-Display?

OSRAM achieves high levels of efficiency and lifetime

After only two years of development, OSRAM has achieved record values in the laboratory for organic light emitting diodes in warm white. With an efficiency of 46 lm/W the organic light emitting diodes for lighting applications (OLED Lighting) have a brightness of 1000 cd/m² and last more than 5000 hours. For the first time it has been possible to improve two crucial OLED characteristics simultaneously as up to now these have generally changed in inverse proportion to one another. Higher efficiency used to mean shorter life, and vice versa. #break# Dr. Karsten Heuser, Director of OLED Lighting Technology at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is pleased with the excellent intermediate results. “Our development team has reached a real milestone for warm white OLEDs with an efficiency of 46 lm/W (CIE of 0.46/0.42 measured in the integrating sphere) and a life of more than 5000 hours. With this significant increase in efficiency and life, OLED flat light sources are approaching the values of conventional lighting solutions and are therefore becoming attractive for a wide variety of applications.”

OLED-TV, Oled-television, Introduction to OLED, Learn all about OLED-Television, Flat-TV Organic light emitting diode

OLEDs have the potential to make exciting TVs (or computer displays). OLED are bright, ulta-thin, low power, and they show beautiful pictures. #break# Introduction to the OLED technology An OLED is made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. Here's Kodak's description of OLEDs - "OLED displays stack up several thin layers of materials. They operate on the attraction between positively and negatively charged particles. When voltage is applied, one layer becomes negatively charged relative to another transparent layer. #break# As energy passes from the negatively charged (cathode) layer to the other (anode) layer, it stimulates organic material between the two, which emits light visible through an outermost layer of glass." #break# Today you can find small organic displays in many types of devices - Cell phones, A/V players, car audio systems, Digital cameras and PDAs. The main attraction today is the small size, the low power consumption and the great brightness. In december 2007 Sony will begin to sell the first OLED television (11" size). Here's our list of devices with an OLED display.

OLED Notebook from Samsung in 2009?

At CeBIT, display manufacturer Samsung is showing OLED TVs with a screen diagonal of 31inch; and 14-inch. One of the first thing that catches your eye, quite literally, is the excellent colour rendition.

Saint-Gobain and Novaled announce a breakthrough in glass substrates for OLED

Saint-Gobain and Novaled have demonstrated the feasibility of large area OLEDs, based on a new high-performance metallic anode, with Saint-Gobain Recherche technology and Novaled OLED proprietary deve


Infos about Sonys OLED-TV

Sony releases the XEL-1 on time, the company would become the first consumer electronics company to offer an organic light-emitting diode TV.

Hitachi to join forces OLED

Matsushita and Canon would likely invest 100 billion yen ($883 million) each in Hitachi unit Hitachi Displays Ltd and take minority stakes, and the three would work together to develop OLED panels!

Samsung publish OLED-TV at CES-2008

Wow Samsung strikes back against Sony and puplished that they has succeeded in a 40-inch AM OLED screen for the first time in the world.

W2400 first AMOLED mobile phone

Samsung Electronics has introduced its first handset model equipped with Samsung SDI’s 2.2-inch active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AM OLED) panel at a retail price of 599,000 won.

OLED-TV Displays and White Oled for lighting,Future of Flat-TV, OLED Flat TV,

OLED TV Displays and OLED lighting infos and news #break# Every year, approx. 200 million color television sets are produced. More and more, classical CRT TVs are replaced by LCD TVs. In 2007, their share in the total market shall already be 33 %. This corresponds to approx. 65 million LCD TVs. Moreover, 1.66 billion small and medium-sized LCD displays for mobile phones, #break# OLEDs consume clearly less power than LCDs: no back light unit is required and, contrary to LCDs, where the complete BLU is continuously switched on and, thus, consumes power, only those pixels emit light which are currently required.

Detail Photos from Sonys XEL-1 OLED-Television,Amazing pictures from Sonys XEL-1

Amazing pictures from the first OLED-Display from Sony! #break# From the box to the first turn on of the Sony XEl1 OLED Display

Samsung-SDI OLED-Company,AMOLED from Samsung-sdi,oleds from Samsung-sdi

Samsung SDI is by far taking the initiative in OLED the mobile display for next-generation as well. We are going to dominate OLED market with our advanced technology along with the development of full-color AMOLED for IMT-2000 and the successful mass production of full-color OLED first time in the world. #break# Over the past three decades Samsung SDI has famed for display specific company and now is reborn as a digital mobile company through successful digital display and next generation energy business. #break# Samsung SDI has been developing digital products of frontier level in the basis of world top display technology in the wide range from color Braun tube to leading flat display, PDP so called innovation of display, LCD and OLED the center of mobile display, and Lithium-ion Battery, the heart of mobile communication devices.

Oleds from Samsung, Epson and CMEL at FPD-International in Yokohama

After the CEATEC now the FPD International in Yokohoma shows some new Displays

Global 10 Year Outlook for Flat Panel Display Industry | News about OLED,Laser-TV,SED-TV

In ten years flat panel displays (FPD) are expected to have 98% of the large and growing electronic display market worldwide, valued at $79 billion in 2006. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) have over 80% of the FPD market today and will remain the leader for the next ten years due to continuous innovation, an established supply chain and aggressive pricing strategies for chemicals.

Oled tv panel-shipments-to-reach-3-million-units-in-2011

DisplaySearch of the United States forecast shipments of organic EL TV panels would reach around 3 million units in 2011 at the 13th DisplaySearch Japan Forum July 24, 2007.

Vitex's Barix Solution Maintains Superior Moisture

Vitex's Barix thin-film barrier uses an organic and inorganic multi-layer structure. To demonstrate product compatibility, it was used to create the world's first high-resolution AMOLED, which leverages an amorphous silicon backplane on a flexible metal foil. This flexible display -- jointly developed by Universal Display Corp. and LG. Philips LCD -- was showcased at last month's Society for Information Display (SID) conference in Long Beach, Calif. Similar encapsulation was shown by Samsung SDI on the world's first, and thinnest, full-color top emission AMOLED on a metal foil during last year's show.

Sony to sell ultra-thin OLED TVs this year!

Sony spokesman Daiichi Yamafuji published via Reuters great news for OLED-TV. Sony planned to start selling ultra-thin TVs using organic light-emitting diode technology this year, likely becoming the first to market with a TV using the promising next-generation display.