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TRADIM made a TFT LCD panel with a roll-to-roll method

The Technology Research Association for Advanced Display Materials (TRADIM) made a TFT LCD panel with a roll-to-roll method using a TFT array and a color filter formed on film substrates.

OLED Notebook from Samsung in 2009?

At CeBIT, display manufacturer Samsung is showing OLED TVs with a screen diagonal of 31inch; and 14-inch. One of the first thing that catches your eye, quite literally, is the excellent colour rendition.


Samsung-SDI OLED-Company,AMOLED from Samsung-sdi,oleds from Samsung-sdi

Samsung SDI is by far taking the initiative in OLED the mobile display for next-generation as well. We are going to dominate OLED market with our advanced technology along with the development of full-color AMOLED for IMT-2000 and the successful mass production of full-color OLED first time in the world. #break# Over the past three decades Samsung SDI has famed for display specific company and now is reborn as a digital mobile company through successful digital display and next generation energy business. #break# Samsung SDI has been developing digital products of frontier level in the basis of world top display technology in the wide range from color Braun tube to leading flat display, PDP so called innovation of display, LCD and OLED the center of mobile display, and Lithium-ion Battery, the heart of mobile communication devices.

FED-TV with carbon nanotube

In their work, the conductive and field emission properties of individual single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes were assessed using an in-situ transmission electron microscope-scanning tunnelling microscope (TEM-STM) technique.

Global 10 Year Outlook for Flat Panel Display Industry | News about OLED,Laser-TV,SED-TV

In ten years flat panel displays (FPD) are expected to have 98% of the large and growing electronic display market worldwide, valued at $79 billion in 2006. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) have over 80% of the FPD market today and will remain the leader for the next ten years due to continuous innovation, an established supply chain and aggressive pricing strategies for chemicals.


All about OLED-Displays

OLED-Display Info Website about the next display generation OLED (Organic light emitting display)