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May 2009

I think I have a computer virus! How do I get rid of it?

Kathryn asked: My anti-virus can’t connect to the internet (I have Trendmicro 2007). I ran AD-Aware and Error Smart as well. Last night while I was on (not a dangerous website!!) my computer restarted itself and started in with this...

What are the SWOTs for search engines today ? can it be considered as an industry?

ajhe_82 asked: If possible, provide independant SWOTs for the most popular search engines, especially : yahoo!, Google, MSN and others… What are the innovative search engines present on the net ? and how they are different from other classical s...

April 2009

What brought you to the poetry section of Yahoo?

sher asked: To be hurt by words when you’re in love with words is a tragic, hurtful blow. Lost and lonely I stumbled into a virtual circle of many kindred spirits. Sharing passion for poetic words and melodies, I found a spot to safely dwell.

How can I change my search engine from aim to google at top right corner of explorer. thanks?

Marilyn M asked: I use yahoo home page at the top corner of internet explorer page is a search place and it says aim…I want google..can you help me change that..thanks marilyn

March 2009

What are good ways to get listeners for an internet radio station?

Dark Rose Radio asked: What are some good ways to get listeners for an internet radio station? I’ve advertised all over the place, created blogs, made a forum, made an online store, joined myspace, made a yahoo 360ยบ, added the station to an IR...

How do I get my group listed on search engines?

Spectator asked: I have added my groups under a certain category. However I do not find my groups listed under the category. Also, can anybody tell me what should I do to get my groups listed on search engines like yahoo or google?

How long can the healthcare industry sustain the fledging US economy?

Takgeyon asked: According to yahoo news the healthcare industry is the only sector in the economy which is seeing sustained job growth and increased wages. This can’t possibly last forever. Will the health care industry get Walmartized meaning t...

How do I get rid of the things that show up on Yahoo search engine?

the_post2001 asked: I have on my internet Yahoo as the home page. Whenever I click on the Yahoo search box I see searches that I have made, so that I could probably go back to them in the future. Like, if I enquired about hamburgers, if I clicked the ...

November 2008

Whats the deal with yahoo real estate?

by 2 others
Lora asked: When I searched yahoo real estate for foreclosed homes, the asking price is very low, some as low as $2,500. I know that foreclosures sell low but never that low unless they are completely beat up inside and these don’t appear to be...