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April 2009

How to make busines plan?

Lubo K asked: Small business for food services

grants for ex felons?

scoresearching asked: Need small business micro loan for ex-felon

How do I set up my business to?

John A asked: take a monthly subscription fee out of my client’s bank accounts each month? Do I go to the bank? Is it easy? How much does it cost per transaction? monthly? I jointly own a small business with about 10 employees, we will bill abo...

Where can I find Accounting Software to Download for free?

technical asked: I have a small business. We purchase items and then sell them on profit. Often we sell them and receive amount later or in installments. Can any one guide me for a small software which can help me in Invoicing, Receipts and balances.

What major would help me the best, if I wanted to open up my own bar?

youngdream718 asked: I’m planning on owning my own small business in the future. I would love to complete college because I believe you get something great out of it. I know there are a variety of useless degrees,but I have narrowed myself dow...

March 2009

How to shut off yahoo news ?

Josh M asked: I have yahoo small business email and want to shut off the yahoo news column. I don’t remember having this in my business account, yahoo must have changed something recently How can I do this?

Deducting mileage - do I have to take the home office deduction to qualify?

pachelbel9 asked: I work for a small business. I do all of my work (except client site visits) from my home office. However, since I also use my home office for personal use during non-working hours, I assume I cannot take the home office deduction ...

can someone give me a sample letter or outline for writeing a grant?

serious70 asked: and where do u apply for grants at for small business

Why is Obama trying to slap on the old Jimmy Carter ban-aid?

Charles Carroll asked: when it did not work before?What is his stimulus plan going to do for small business when that is 2/3 of all our employers?Have American people become so dependent on credit that we can’t go back?

February 2009

Microsoft Office Document Image Writer?

swissmiss223 asked: My question was “I need instructions on how to add “microsoft office document image writer”, I don’t know how to find the driver and then after i install it, how do I make it show up in the printers folder?&...

How do I put my business card in my e-mail signature?

jmphjgs asked: I have a small business card that I’d like to put in my e-mail’s signature, but don’t know how to do that. How would I do that on a yahoo email account or a account?