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May 2009

What's the best site to let people see my writing?

Breezy3 asked: I want people to see my writing and tell me whether they think it’s good or, uh, otherwise… It has to be free and it has to be for any age. It can’t just be for poetry, because I wan’t to put up the first chapter...

April 2009

How do I get english magazines sent to a friend in Japan inexpensively?

Apoed asked: My friend moved to Japan with her husband about 5 months ago for his job. She’s happy, but misses the comforts she’s grown to know. Mostly, entertainment, like magazines. Cosmo, Elle, People, etc.. The problem is, they sel...

If you were an animal, what kind of an animal would you be in?

Miss Fedora asked: 1. the living room 2. the kitchen 3. the bathroom 4. the garden 5. the office Explain why please. Miss Smith : I did not forget the most important room! I omitted it on purpose….. I don’t want to put people in Temptati...

What are your top 5 tastiest diet food?

Ushta B asked: What are your top 5 tastiest food that can be considered for people who are on weight losing diet. Name food that have almost no fat and very little calories.

What is the best landscape for a barrier island?

BILLY asked: I live on a barrier island in New Jersey and have always had a problem with people having lawns and the water they used to keep them lush and green. I’ve always been a proponent of a low water garden or stones to landscape a home. S...

A lot of acne questions now that school has started, maybe?

realquietcool asked: The school boards and the acne medicine people are doing something to the environment in the schools.Or maybe it’s just stress. Was your face breaking out during summer break?

How can I have my poetry copywritted?

Hollz asked: I have several copywritted that I have submitted for publication through other people. But I want to write my own poetry book, and I like to post some of my work on my myspace profile for input and ect. But I want them to be copywritted b...

March 2009

i need star wars toys help?

Andrew F asked: im looking for a site or store where i can find Star Wars Action Figures Episode III Revenge of the Sith only those people and toys

How do i get music to play on a youtube video?

Gabby asked: When i uploaded this video i made and i added some freakin awesome music and the music won’t play on the video. They said it was some copyright thing, but people always have music on their videos. How do i fix this. Please Help. Tha...

just what is it about me that makes me a loner and makes people want to get the best of me so much?

teriyaki boyz asked: I am a 13 year old currently in grade 8. A tall(5 foot 8), skinny chinese kid who wears baggy cloth. I’m pretty nice looking, and athletic. I should belong with the cool kids. But guess what, I’m a loner. Throughout gr...

How do herbal diet pills affect people with bipolar disorder?

Jodie H asked: I am bipolar and have tried taking herbal diet pills in the past. The reaction I get is mad and uncontrolable anger.

why peoble dont like western union services?

seoflash asked: i have a search engine optimization company i do not have a way of paying only service Western Union i asked my clients for a quarter of amount and after my team done the job the client send me The remaining amount , am i wrong or righ...

I would like to put an aricle on the net for free, is this possible?

bobf asked: I recently wrote some cowboy poetry for a friend’s memorial service & would like to put i on the internet for those people who were unable to attend the service. I would like to do it for free.

Recipes for people watching their diet that I can cook?

life is like… asked: Any desserts or light lunches and breakfast. I have all dinner recipes for people like me ‘watching their diet.’ I would like any recipes and tips for watching your diet! Thanks. Try to keep calories at 1,500. Do...

February 2009

Installing software issue to many to much time?

MrPlonker asked: ok I run a small business which deals with a lot of customers I am one of them people who likes to wipe the computer at least every month so optimize speed and fix any errors due to corrupt files or registry, what I am asking is there...