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May 2009

Is it possible to get an acting part in the new Shannara movie?

young author asked: I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Terry Brook’s Shannara series, and would be interesting in playing a part in the upcoming movie. Is this even possible? If so, how can I participate?

April 2009

What is that new movie called based on the book by Nicholas Sparks?

Dory Fish asked: What is the movie called, and if the book title is any different, what is the book title?

What new movie are you most anticipating?

Luke asked: There are tons of new movies coming out this year. I’m a big fan of the Horror genre and am especially excited from the Friday the 13th remake since I loved the original series and this looks like an excellent reboot. What movies is ...

Who designed the engagement ring in the new movie Mama Mia?

Xine Olivia asked: I’m looking for information on the engagement ring of the main character in Mama Mia the movie. Maybe the designer? Anything? Thanks.

March 2009

What movie should I show to my 8th grade class that is learning about the great depression and the new deal?

billyxc729 asked: It should be a movie that is appropriate for 8th graders and easy enough to understand for 8th graders. It should be a movie that shows the hardships and teaches about what was going on during this time period.

What Theaters are showing the New Death Note Movie playing?

A asked: On the 15 and 16 there is going to be a Death Note movie playing. Does anyone know where i can find a list of the theaters it’s playing at?

February 2009

The new harry potter movie isnt coming out until summer?

Lucy asked: I heard that the new harry potter movie isnt coming out until the summer of 2009 because warner bros made so much money with batman that they don’t need any more money this year. Is that true?

Who is the author of the new movie and book "Another Cinderella Story?

Marissa L asked: I am typing at my school and I am looking for somethingf or a project. I need help finding something and i need some people to help me. Who is the author of the new movie and book “Another Cinderella Story” (2008) with Dre...