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May 2009

How do I use Ares to get free music downloads for my Ipod?

cloegirl asked: My freind uses ares to get free music downloads for her ipod but i can’t figure it out. I downloaded it but cannot figure anything out past that.

March 2009

How do I upload music from my old iPod onto my new Mac?

Milo asked: I have a two-year-old fifth generation iPod that I used on an old Mac that is now broken. I just got a new MacBook and want to find out how I can upload my music from my old iPod onto my new computer. Is it possible?

How do I sync music on my Ipod from a new Itunes account without it erasing existing music?

Animalistic Woman asked: I just got a new laptop with a new itunes account and I tried to sync my music and its telling me it will erase all existing songs. I have like 400+ songs on it currently and there is no way i want these erased. There has to b...

How can I add my own MP3 music to my Myspace Page?

foxchristian90 asked: I have a Myspace page with music … but some of the songs that I want for my profile are not on the Artist’s Music Page. Is there a way that I can put my iPod MP3 files onto my page ?

February 2009

How do I Keep music and videos on my ipod from a diffrent computer while charging?

Spartan 117 asked: I gave my ipod to a friend to download music,videos and I got it back.I have itunes to and if I plug it in to charge,itunes will pop up and it will delete them.So I deleted everything on my itunes. Ssssooo! What do I do?

How do I delete movies off my computer without deleting them off my ipod?

Computer freak asked: I have an ipod. I put a whole bunch of movies on them, but the movies take to much space on my computer. Everytime I delete the movies off my computer and put my ipod back on the computer it deletes the movies off my ipod. What ...

How can I put new music in my ipod without iTunes deleting my old music?

sachahaddock asked: Just now i recieved an ipod from my sister and she left some albums which i would like to keep, but iTunes keep telling me that if i sync it with my new music they will be deleted.