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April 2009

How can I find a doctor who specializes in weight loss medications under my insurance search?

Sorceress asked: Do nutritionists prescribe medication? Will just a general family practice do or internal medicine?

Looking for new doctor, what kind of doctor should I look for?

Veridian asked: My insurance has a list of doctors in their network on their web site, but I don’t know if I need one who does internal medicine, general practice or family practice. What’s the difference? I just need a doctor lol, any adv...

Do you have urticaria vasculitis? What do you take (meds) to treat it? Does it work to relieve the symptoms?

eskie lover asked: How do you handle the muscle and joint pain, swelling and bruising? How long have you had the disease? How does it impact your daily life and how do you cope with that? What type of physician is treating you for it ~ Immunologist,...

March 2009

What kind of doctor/specialist would be good for someone having strokes?

Jennifer W asked: My grandma is very sick from having strokes and she has a doctor that is internal medicine…Is this correct?? thanks!

when can I play with my dog who has sarcoptic mange?

momof1plus2dogs asked: my puppy was diagnosed on friday and given internal medicine. how long before I can touch her play with her? she takes it once a week for 4 weeks. And should I wash her bedding everyday? Or just once after the medicine?

How much should I tell the doctor?

Cat J asked: I am 21 years old, a dancer in professional training and reasonably healthy looking, but I seem to be having some problems lately. I’ve been prescribed birth control by a HORRIBLE gynecologist who I never want to see again and didn&...

February 2009

Ayurvedic Medicine – the Best Kept Secret in India

What Is Ayurvedic Medicine?There are many different beneficial health philosophies the raw foodist might benefit from, including Ayurveda. This medicinal system, based on ancient Hindi philosophy, is one native to most people living in India. Individu...