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April 2009

Can eggs play any roles in a healthy food diet?

Terry V asked: Can eggs play any roles in a healthy food diet? I want to know if its okay. If so any suggestions in recipes?

March 2009

What are your healthy diet meals? 5 meals a day?

HeyItzMe asked: Well I’m on a diet right now and one of the things I should be focusing on is my eating. People said instead of eating one big meal, I should divide it up into smaller amount, like 5 small meals a day. So my question is that what...

What is a good healthy diet for a teenager?

αιεχα❉ asked: I want to be healthier, also if you know any good workout routines for a person trying to loose some weight and stay healthy too. Do not worry, I will start it after Christmas so I am not forcing myself not to eat (I will eat in h...

February 2009

Is it possible to have a healthy diet without eating breakfast?

Dani F asked: I absolutely can’t eat breakfast. I don’t have time and when I do I always throw up. I just hate eating before like 9:00 AM and I would have to eat by 6:30 because of the time I leave. I like to exercise in the afternoon but ...

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