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May 2009

Is there any free recording software for windows?

Bri asked: My friend and I are doing a school project where we have to make a song parody. We need to remove the vocals from the song and record our own, but we don’t know how!!! Is there anyway that we can dub the song with our own vocals?

April 2009

Can you plzz tell me a site that i can get free music downloads?

♥Emo chick!♥ asked: I have windows media player and have to download some music that doesn’t make me fall asleep.everything i go to says free trial.I need atleast a limited amount of free song downloads.

February 2009

How do i get a free Movie editing program?

Josh asked: Anyone know where i can get a FREE movie editing program other then windows movie maker? 10 points for the best one! Oh yeah and i do not have a mac or w/e i got windows xp