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May 2009

Is there any way to download free music videos?

WombatWolf asked: I want to download some Linkin Park music videos onto my PSP can I do this legally for free and if so from what site?

April 2009

Can you download music videos from itunes on the old ipod version?

mariyah t asked: Because I have the new ipod mp3 player (new version) && I have no clue how to put music videos and pictures on it. Can someone help me please?

March 2009

Where can I download free music videos that will play on Itunes?

A-Shay Bay Bay!!! asked: ok so i used to use limewire, but it doesnt work well when i search for movies or music videos, and when i try other places the video wont play on itunes (it says its not capable). and when i used torrentz they did the same. s...

February 2009

How do I Keep music and videos on my ipod from a diffrent computer while charging?

Spartan 117 asked: I gave my ipod to a friend to download music,videos and I got it back.I have itunes to and if I plug it in to charge,itunes will pop up and it will delete them.So I deleted everything on my itunes. Ssssooo! What do I do?