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May 2009

What are some "go to" US Fashion magazines for both men and women? Vogue etc. What do you like about them?

Leee asked: I spend too much time canvassing fashion online and would just like to narrow my search through the leads you provide. Thank you

April 2009

im not good at writing but i love fashion magazines read them all the time and want to have a job with?

e .x. o t i c .x. 3 asked: fashion magazines but if im not good at writing how can i be one ? and how do i learn ?

What do you guys do with your old fashion magazines?

hellothere(= asked: Like Teen Vogue, and Seventeen, etc. Do you just leave them there on your bookshelf? Do you throw them away? Do you read and reread them ? Do you lend them to all your friends? Or do you cut them up? Hahaha that last one wasn&#821...

What fashion magazines do 18-21 year old girls like?

William Wiseone asked: I want to give my sister a subscription to a fashion magazine, but I have no idea what women this age like - she is turning 19. All I know is Vouge but I think that is too old for her. Thanks!

March 2009

Would you agree people who live their lives based on every single trend in top fashion magazines are no?

Sky Flying Gorgon Witch asked: different from high school students under grade 12 trying so hard to fit in with the ” in ” crowd? In other words not really knowing what is really important and/or valuing what’s important for the righ...

February 2009

Where can you buy Japanese fashion magazines in Florida?

Tara asked: Where can you buy Japanese fashion magazines in Florida? You know, magazines such as Non-No, Jille, Soup, With, Ageha, Biz, JJ, Egg, Popteen, ect?