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January 2007

PS3 Orders Slowing Down, Retailers Shying Away

If you take a look at eBay, Craigslist and the other sites out there, they are absolutely flooded with people trying to sell PS3's. There are even people trying to dump the PS3 for an EVEN swap for a Wii.(big loss) It appears retailers are taking a BIG notice of this

December 2006

These Guy's Really "Dig" the XBox 360

OK, we would all like to have a XBox 360 and do some HD gaming right? Well, there's a story breaking in Jacksonville, FL that's just a tad bit ridiculous..

August 2006

What's the trend? 360 vs PS3 vs Nintendo Wii

I ran the numbers to get a feel of how popular the keywords, 360,wii and ps3 were and the results were fairly predictable. There has been a pretty large drop in 360 inquires since the other 2 have come onto the scene.

May 2006 HDTV Breaking News Feeds

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Live breaking news on HDTV's, HD DVD, Blu Ray, PS3, XBox360 and more.

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