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October 2007

Nintendo Unveils Wii and DS Lineup for the Holidays and Beyond

Wii and Nintendo DS continue to appeal to every kind of consumer. As Nintendos list of upcoming games demonstrates, Nintendo has a game or experience for everyone, no matter their taste, age or video game playing acumen.

June 2007

Black Sea Studios Unveils WorldShift

Black Sea Studios has announced WorldShift. WorldShift is a cyber-fantasy RTS game set in a dark future of Earth, where today s civilization is only a fading mysterious legend. With WorldShift, Black Sea Studios are again offering really different, unexplored view on the RTS genre and a lot of deep, addictive gameplay. WorldShift had been in development for long time already and more announcements will follow in close future.

April 2007

SANZ Unveils EarthWhere 4.2 for Windows

SANZ has announced the release of EarthWhere 4.2 for Windows, a major upgrade to the company s geospatial data provisioning software. The product has been enhanced to take advantage of a scalable and easily configurable service oriented architecture which can support a wide variety of enterprise environments. EarthWhere 4.2 sets a new standard for management and automated delivery of geospatial data — elevation models, scanned maps,

Leading European Social Networking Site Unveils New Brand

As of today, brands wishing to target the lucrative 14 – 24 year old market across Europe can do so by advertising on Netlog, one of Europe s social networks.

Samsung Unveils the SGH-i400 Smartphone with Symbian OS

Samsung unveils its latest Symbian OS smartphone - SGH-i400. The Samsung i400 is suited for users who want to have all of the advanced features of a smartphone in a slim and stylish design. The new smartphone i400 is based on Symbi

SanDisk Unveils Sansa Shaker MP3 Player for Kids

SanDisk intros the new Sansa Shaker MP3 player designed for kids and families. A fun and unique music player, the Sansa Shaker features many ways to enjoy and share songs, including two headphone jacks, a built-in speaker to listen without ear buds, and the ability to play SD cards loaded with your favorite music.

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