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04 June 2007

Toshiba has announced the world s first slim HD DVD-RW drive for mobile PCs

The new drive can read, write and rewrite to HD DVD-RW discs, as well as read and write to HD DVD-R discs and standard DVD and CD discs.Toshiba s SD-L912A enables mobile PCs to replace larger desktop systems in the home with this additional high-definition functionality. The drive allows backup of large-capacity PC hard disk drives to the reusable format of HD DVD-RW discs and provides capabilities to store data-rich, high-definition digital content. HD DVD-RW functionality also opens the door to a wide range of applications involving storage and rewriting of large volumes of data.

22 May 2007

Akella Announces Its E3 Media and Business Summit Lineup

The lineup features both sequels of well-known games and new exciting developments of various genres. 6 key titles announced for this year s E3 Media and Business Summit include Disciples III, Jagged Alliance 3, Heavy Duty, Showdown: Scorpion, 2025: Battle for Fatherland, and Numen.

10 May 2007

Pirates of the Burning Sea - Producer s Blog: Mission Tuning and Fixing

Pirates of the Burning Sea Producer, John Scott Tynes, delivers yet another new Developer Journal to This time, John gives us a look at a Producer s Blog entry that was previously only available to players in the game s beta.

06 May 2007

Wii Virtual Console Line-Up Bolstered by New SEGA s Classic Titles

This week Wii owners can get in the ring with the Mega Drive version of one of the best fighting games of all time. Virtual Console is graced by the Virtua Fighter 2 a game which helped evolve the fighting genre into the modern era when it launched in 1996.

27 April 2007

Ferrari Breaks Silence on System 3 s Ferrari Challenge Video Game

Prestigious car-manufacturer Ferrari descended on London this weekend to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous Marque. Vehicles spanning the entire history of Ferrari were paraded around the capital as part of the worldwide quot;Ferrari 60 Relay quot;. The world tour is sponsored by video game publisher System 3, who used the visit to release further details about the upcoming video game.

19 April 2007

Disney! Pixar s Cars Mater-National from THQ Revealed

THQ has announced plans to bring a new video game based on Disney•Pixar s Cars film to retail this fall.

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