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July 2007

LiveTime Service Manager and Help Desk for the iPhone

LiveTime Software has announced LiveTime Service Manager and Help Desk is now available for the iPhone. As a rich Web 2.0, AJAX-based application, LiveTime provides best practices for organizations wishing to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service and support. LiveTime for the iPhone has been qualified for both version 4.0 and 5.0. Field technicians and customers can now manage support and change requests on the road using the iPhone.

April 2007

World Golf Tour Signs Neutron 4.0 Multiplayer Service

Exit Games announces that World Golf Tour has signed on to use the company s core product Neutron 4.0. Neutron connects gamers across mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-PC platforms, and is a leading turn-key solution for the development and deployment of mobile multiplayer games and cross-platform gaming environments. Neutron 4.0 will be supporting PC-to-PC connectivity for World Golf Tour, a new add-on to its core functionality.

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