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July 2007

Aurora Networks Expands SMART Media Converter Solution

Aurora Networks debuts its enhanced CWDM Ethernet transport solution featuring SMART Media Converter technology. Developed to support the growing demand for business services, Aurora transparent LAN solution enables cable operators to deliver Ethernet services at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps over a shared optical access network. The new FastE and GigE service module, model MC2701B and MC2710B, fits into the current 2RU SMART Media Converter chassis as well as a new patent pending space efficient CPE enclosure chassis, model CH1202B.

April 2007

World Golf Tour Signs Neutron 4.0 Multiplayer Service

Exit Games announces that World Golf Tour has signed on to use the company s core product Neutron 4.0. Neutron connects gamers across mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-PC platforms, and is a leading turn-key solution for the development and deployment of mobile multiplayer games and cross-platform gaming environments. Neutron 4.0 will be supporting PC-to-PC connectivity for World Golf Tour, a new add-on to its core functionality.

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