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September 2007

Microsoft Announces Halo 3 Midnight

Starting tonight Halo 3, the final chapter of Microsoft s epic video game trilogy, finally goes on sale around the world. By the end of the week, fans in 37 countries will be playing the game Wired magazine recently called a cultural touchstone, a Star Wars for the thumb stick generation. In the United States, more than 10,000 retailers across the country are opening their doors at midnight tonight solely to sell copies of the game and accompanying Xbox 360 consoles and accessories. With nary a pirate, a spider or a wand in sight, day-one sales of the video game are expected to shatter entertainment sales records and top the biggest entertainment launches of all time.

July 2007

The Curtain Rises on New Trailer for Eternal Sonata

Namco Bandai Games announces that they have released a new trailer for their Xbox 360 role-playing game, Eternal Sonata. The trailer highlights the game s unique action/RPG combat system, and introduces gamers to a world where the visuals are as vibrant and detailed as the moving storyline, told through one of the most eclectic and courageous casts of characters to grace the Xbox 360.

May 2007

Lorenzo Carcaterra Scripts Alone in the Dark

Atari announces that New York Times best-selling author Lorenzo Carcaterra has teamed up with the company as script writer on Alone in the Dark. Poised to redefine action gaming, Alone in the Dark will deliver blockbuster-action on a cataclysmic scale set in New York City s iconic Central Park. Alone in the Dark is being developed by Eden Games for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Windows platform.

Activision s Spider-Man 3 Video Game Shipping

Even the noblest of Marvel s Super Heroes have a dark side – it s time to unleash yours in the Spider-Man 3 video game from Activision. Timed to the theatrical release of Sony Pictures Entertainment s Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios quot;Spider-Man 3 quot;, based on the famous Marvel characters, the game allows players to experience for the first time Spider-Man s mysterious black-suited persona, as well as heroic red suit while battling villains in a massive New York City playground teeming with activity.

April 2007

Ferrari Breaks Silence on System 3 s Ferrari Challenge Video Game

Prestigious car-manufacturer Ferrari descended on London this weekend to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous Marque. Vehicles spanning the entire history of Ferrari were paraded around the capital as part of the worldwide quot;Ferrari 60 Relay quot;. The world tour is sponsored by video game publisher System 3, who used the visit to release further details about the upcoming video game.

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