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October 2007

King of Clubs Shipping

Oxygen Games announces that King of Clubs is now shipping for Playstation 2 and PC and will be in the shops from October 26th. King of Clubs is an innovative, yet humorous tongue-in-cheek game, which combines traditional kitsch seaside crazy golf (except that its set in the Nevada desert!) with the challenge of finding new ways of completing each hole with as few shots as possible? perhaps even scoring a hole in none!

July 2007

Sandlot Games Set to Launch Cake Mania 2

Sandlot Games has announced the long awaited launch of Cake Mania 2, the sequel to Cake Mania, Yahoo?s 2006 Casual Game of the Year and the best selling game of 2006.With more than 40 million downloads, Cake Mania followed the adventures of Jill Evans ? a young entrepreneur ? as she worked to raise enough money to reopen her grandparents? bakery. In Cake Mania 2, Jill has tasted success and saved the family bakery but has grown restless. Now it is up to gamers to decide what new adventures Jill should pursue. Each exciting choice leads to new baking challenges, as well as new dilemmas, ultimately resulting in Jill reaching one of six fun-filled endings.

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