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December 2007

EA Mobile Announces SimCity Societies for Mobile Phones

The return of one of PC gamings most popular series SimCity is coming to mobile. Electronic Arts announces that SimCity Societies is available for mobile phones beginning this month in Europe, and soon to follow in North America.

July 2007

D2C Games Jumps Off the Page with D2 Comics

D2C Games has announced the creation of a new studio, D2 (squared) Comics. The studio will adapt existing printed comics, transforming them into a new form of digital video comics for the mass market.The products will offer original musical scores, action directed by the comics creators, and behind-the-scenes video and commentary that expands the digital reading experience. The comics will be available for download for Sony PSP, PC, and mobile platforms in fall 2007.

June 2007

Vivendi Games Mobile Reveals Line-up for Second-Half 2007

Vivendi Games Mobile, a division of Vivendi Games, has announced a diverse line-up of its titles for the second-half of 2007. The upcoming slate includes a number of original titles and familiar franchises.

Toshiba has announced the world s first slim HD DVD-RW drive for mobile PCs

The new drive can read, write and rewrite to HD DVD-RW discs, as well as read and write to HD DVD-R discs and standard DVD and CD discs.Toshiba s SD-L912A enables mobile PCs to replace larger desktop systems in the home with this additional high-definition functionality. The drive allows backup of large-capacity PC hard disk drives to the reusable format of HD DVD-RW discs and provides capabilities to store data-rich, high-definition digital content. HD DVD-RW functionality also opens the door to a wide range of applications involving storage and rewriting of large volumes of data.

April 2007

New from Xing Mobile: Kung Fu - Imperial Guards

Fresh from China comes a new game by Xing Mobile. Kung Fu - Imperial Guards is a tale of 2 martial arts heroes who share their love for eachother with the loyalty to their emperor. Many vicious enemies try to kill the emperor and its your job to defend him at all cost.

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