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October 2007

The Chronicles of Spellborn European Release Set for Q1 2008

The Chronicles of Spellborn’s European publisher, Frogster Germany, has set a launch date of Q1 2008 for that territory. This extra time will be used by Spellborn International for additional QA testing and incorporating more content.

Halo 3 Recores More Than $300 Million in First-Week Sales

Microsoft says that Halo 3 has officially become a global phenomenon, garnering more than $300 million in sales in the first week alone. The critically acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive, which was released in Europe on Wednesday 26th September, is the fastest-selling video game ever and already one of the most successful entertainment properties in history.Initial reports from retailers worldwide show console sales have more than doubled compared with the weekly average before the launch of Halo 3. With games like Halo 3, BioShock, Mass Effect and Project Gotham Racing 4, Xbox 360 has the greatest line-up in the history of video games and the only console where consumers can play all of the year amp;

July 2007

Sandlot Games Set to Launch Cake Mania 2

Sandlot Games has announced the long awaited launch of Cake Mania 2, the sequel to Cake Mania, Yahoo?s 2006 Casual Game of the Year and the best selling game of 2006.With more than 40 million downloads, Cake Mania followed the adventures of Jill Evans ? a young entrepreneur ? as she worked to raise enough money to reopen her grandparents? bakery. In Cake Mania 2, Jill has tasted success and saved the family bakery but has grown restless. Now it is up to gamers to decide what new adventures Jill should pursue. Each exciting choice leads to new baking challenges, as well as new dilemmas, ultimately resulting in Jill reaching one of six fun-filled endings.

April 2007

Palm and Claro Launch Palm Treo 680 Smartphone in Nicaragua

Palm and Claro Nicaragua have announced the availability of the Palm Treo 680 smartphone. The Treo 680 GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band world phone, running on the Palm OS, boasts Palm s hallmark ease of use.

New Titles Launch on Wii s Virtual Console

Wii owners are in for another treat this week when the highly innovative Super Nintendo title ActRaiser makes its Virtual Console debut. ActRaiser is unlike anything you have ever played before, combining side-scrolling platform action with the power of playing god.

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