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23 July 2007

Acrosser Launches AR-B1572, the AMD GX 466 Half Size ISA CPU Card

Acrosser fanless half size ISA CPU card embedded with AMD GX466 333Mhz processor. 128MB DDR SDRAM and a battery backed 512KB SRAM are built in the CPU card. One SODIMM socket is available for future expansion.

21 July 2007

Strategic Test Debuts Industry’s Digital I/O Boards for PCI Express

Strategic Test has announced the industry fastest Digital Input/Output boards for PCI Express. With up to 32 channels, recording or replay rates to 125 MHz and the possibility to synchronize up to 127 boards, including Digitizers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators, large mixed-mode Automated Test Systems for electronic sub-assemblies and digital semiconductor components can be created.

20 July 2007

Keyspan Ships Presentation Remote Pro for PowerPoint and Keynote

Keyspan has announced its new Presentation Remote Pro is now shipping. The Presentation Remote Pro is a wireless remote control that works with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentation software. No software is required. Just plug the receiver into the USB port on a PC or a Mac and the remote begins to work within seconds. Plus, all of the Presentation Remote Pro functions are available at a touch of a button at all times. Many other remotes force users to switch between function modes in order to use a mouse or media buttons.

LiveTime Service Manager and Help Desk for the iPhone

LiveTime Software has announced LiveTime Service Manager and Help Desk is now available for the iPhone. As a rich Web 2.0, AJAX-based application, LiveTime provides best practices for organizations wishing to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service and support. LiveTime for the iPhone has been qualified for both version 4.0 and 5.0. Field technicians and customers can now manage support and change requests on the road using the iPhone.

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