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06 May 2007

Activision s Spider-Man 3 Video Game Shipping

Even the noblest of Marvel s Super Heroes have a dark side – it s time to unleash yours in the Spider-Man 3 video game from Activision. Timed to the theatrical release of Sony Pictures Entertainment s Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios quot;Spider-Man 3 quot;, based on the famous Marvel characters, the game allows players to experience for the first time Spider-Man s mysterious black-suited persona, as well as heroic red suit while battling villains in a massive New York City playground teeming with activity.

27 April 2007

Leading European Social Networking Site Unveils New Brand

As of today, brands wishing to target the lucrative 14 – 24 year old market across Europe can do so by advertising on Netlog, one of Europe s social networks.

22 April 2007

New survey predicts strong iPhone sales out the gate

Rochester (NY) – Harris Interactive added itself to the line of iPhone sales forcasters, predicting that Apple’s upcoming cellphone-iPod will pick up lots of customers when it goes on sale in late June. However, there are challenges as high-powered, pricey phones such as the iPhone appeal to less than one third of cellphone buyers.

20 April 2007

Alten8 Announces Nintendo DS and PC Game – Wordsnake

Alten8 confirms the latest DS title in its growing list of coming soon console releases – Wordsnake. Having signed a deal with Pixel Magick to bring their game, Wordsnake, to the Nintendo DS, PC, and then Wii.

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