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02 January 2006

31 December 2005

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Site Mod Rockstars - Who’s Your Favorite?

Well, the blog / web tech arena is a world wide topic field, I'm European myself, and I take an active interest in what happens not only (though admittedly mostly) in the English-speaking sphere. It is a good way of driving pan-Earthen traffic. ;-) Maybe

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Site Mod Rockstars - Who’s Your Favorite?

The ecmanaut misspelling is unintentional, I presume, after your recent rant about having been misreferred by Gary Price? :-)<br><br>Anyway, while frequently in the high clouds of applied javascript geekery, I <a href="

Optimization of Accessing JavaScript Object

Your published results would be more valuable if you published anything about the test domain (i e what browser make(s) and version(s)) and methods you have used, to come to these conclusions.

29 December 2005

Marshall Kirkpatrick » GMail's AJAX Spell Check Evolves Further

<i>I already use it as my default spell checker for all that blog software out there that doesn’t have spell checking built in.</i><br><br>Does this mean you have beat me to isolating the spell checker components and made a GreaseMonkey script to integr

Template upgrades

While I haven't dug up your code to look at it in its own environment, I believe it might be a bit difficult to help get that working the way you want it to, if Jasper's link in the post above and appropriate application of &lt;ItemPage&gt; (and the other

28 December 2005

Panoramio » Blog Archive » It can’t be so hard…

Your work has lots of merit, and the automated leak detection is certainly another dazzling prospect. Thanks for the ecmascript hint; while I would not likely write that kind of code myself, it's a useful bit of knowledge to possess.<br><br>And happy holi

Template fixes for Some Assembly Required

Excellent idea, and feel very free to cut'n'paste together a version of it based on your own blog and mail it to me? Chances are I'll be very slow on upgrades the time just ahead of us (I'm going to visit my girlfriend in the other end of the country for

Panoramio » Blog Archive » It can’t be so hard…

It certainly does, and with lots of eager anticipation of any other bits or pieces to come out of either project.<br><br>I would have lots of use for a tool to do just custom formatting of code (and am a bit too lazy to hack any of the C parsers on offer

RSS Buttons and Lunch Meat - Freshblog

Nice start! I especially liked the combination with the FeedBurner readership counter. A bit of styling to adjust the text baseline to fit the icon, and it will look great.

27 December 2005 Utveckla webbplatser för användare med kognitiva nedsättningar och inlärningsproblem

Det här är också alldeles utmärkta tips för att förbättra websiter, eller för den delen artiklar i än vidare mening, för den breda allmänheten som inte har några kognitiva nedsättningar att tala om.

Panoramio » Blog Archive » Javascript compressor

Oh, lookie; there <i>is</i> a comments feed; hooray! :-D *subscribes*<br><br>(I sloppily missed it earlier as there was no autodetect code in place for it.)<br><br>I've been poring through and tweaking the Google Maps code numerous times too, but it has a

Panoramio » Blog Archive » It can’t be so hard…

gzip(1) is the best javascript compressor available, putting the HTTP standardized, content preserving, Content-Encoding:gzip functionality to excellent use. If it <i>is</i> compression you're after, anyway, that is the best route to go. Innerjoin has a n

25 December 2005

BlogThis! with my updated post tagger helper

Not yet, no, unless <a href="">a rather technical hint</a> counts. A post on it will most likely appear eventually, though.

Freshblog: Web Comments spam

Painful. Well, I'll add some month or months to adopting this myself. Intuition tells me we might want to ponder similar threats to the commentosphere, though analysis and clarity of thought are not strong points with me at this level of Christmas stuffin

Jon Aquino's Mental Garden: Automated Reminders For Keeping In Touch With People (Using Excel)

Geekishly cute convenience. :-) Add to that some logging of each time seen and subtract appropriately from the formula. ;-)

24 December 2005

bill kerr: tagging posts in blogger

Am I right in presuming you managed to fix the problem by reinstalling the latest version and clicking the "Tags:" title to reconfigure the script?

Central hosting of all javascript libraries

While I believe I might indeed possess the <i>technical</i> skills required to devise, setup, run and develop this endeavour, I am not backed by the kind of business organization that would ensure longevity or quality of service for an operation on this s

23 December 2005

Comment Blogging tool for Blogger blogs

I might make a separate version or a config option for for that; I myself actually use this geature, so I can render the comment the same way it was written.

Focused Linkblogging

Glad you too find the script useful! :-) I'm hoping to eventually extend it to go beyond Blogger blogs (but so far I haven't made much progress).

One Web Developer’s Haven » Blog Archive » SVG Whiteboard

Kind of neat. The whiteboard I linked wasn't really one of my own hacks, though; I haven't played anything with the recent readily avaiable SVG.<br><br>Last time I poked around with that, a year or two ago, I was burned by the large implementational incom