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Auto_Prepend / Append Via Apache Directive

ork. Keeps giving me a file not found error. Tried absolute path, same deal. Any ideas?

October 2009

July 2009

Running a Reverse Proxy with Apache:

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Step by step guide to set up a working reverse proxy

Beginners guide to Firebird and PHP - WINDOWS

onfig directory contains copies of the configuration files for Apache (httpd.conf), PHP (php.ini) and ibWebAdmin ( These files can be used directly if the c:Network and c:Firebird_1_5 directory structure is maintained, or they can be used in BeyondCompare to check which lines need modification in a new setup.

June 2009

How to Use 43 Folders | 43 Folders

Why am I here right now instead of making something cool on my own? What’s the barrier to me starting that right now?

SVI-wiki: Scp Batch Mode

done with a regular (with password) ssh connection, and accepting the host as known. Then, the host name should be the same as the one

December 2008

OFCGWT - Open flash chart + JS

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Projet qui lie Open Flash Chart version 2 avec des fonctions JS, permettant une interactivité intéressante!

Open Flash Chart - Home

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script de création de diagrammes flash

Prototip 2 - JS Tooltips with Prototype

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Libraire pour créer des tooltips facilement.

November 2008

October 2008

What's new in PHP V5.2, Part 1: Using the new memory manager

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nice explainations about memory allocation and some tips about php configuration in order to limit leaks or improve performances