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09 April 2013

08 April 2013

Browser Diet

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How to lose weight (in the browser) And what if we got together a bunch of experts who work on large sites to create a definitive front-end performance guide?

05 April 2013

28 March 2013

25 March 2013

21 March 2013 - Annuaire d'applications web

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Outils de développement web, traitement d'images, test... "curated collection of free online web design & development services and tools that don't require local installation or registration to use."

11 March 2013

28 February 2013

Sticky Menus Are Quicker To Navigate

Sticky, or fixed, navigation is basically a website menu that is locked into place so that it does not disappear when the user scrolls down the page; in other words, it is accessible from anywhere on the website without having to scroll.

The Trouble with Sticky Headers

A recent trend in UI design is to use “sticky” navigation headers where a website’s navigation stays visible as you scroll down the page. Sticky headers can be a useful addition to a website, but they can easily become an annoying mess.

26 February 2013

Retina.js | Retina graphics for your website

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When your users load a page, retina.js checks each image on the page to see if there is a high-resolution version of that image on your server. If a high-resolution variant exists, the script will swap in that image in-place. The script assumes you use Apple's prescribed high-resolution modifier (@2x) to denote high-resolution image variants on your server.

Gorgeous Retina : le dilemme de l’intégrateur

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celui-là peut vous sauver la vie en aller chercher tout seul sur votre serveur les images suffixées « @2x » : « monimage@2x.jpg ». Autrement dit, préparez à l’avance 2 tailles : une normale, appelée par défaut, et l’autre 2 fois plus grande pour du retina.