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May 2017

April 2017

About rel=noopener

Don’t use target=_blank (or any other target that opens a new navigation context), especially for links in user-generated content. To prevent pages from abusing window.opener, use rel=noopener

PHP: La bonne manière

référence concise et facile à lire à propos des conventions d’écriture les plus connues sur le PHP, des liens sur les tutoriaux faisant autorité sur le web et des pratiques que les contributeurs de ce document considèrent comme meilleures à l’heure actuelle. - PHP Package Repository

Packagist is the main Composer repository. It aggregates public PHP packages installable with Composer.

VersionEye - Notification System for Software Packages

notifies you about security vulnerabilities, license violations and out-dated dependencies in your Git repositories. Free : 1 private and 4 Open Source Projects

March 2017

Checking ssh public key fingerprints

increasing security by verifying the identity of the machine that you connect to with ssh by eye and with SSHFP in DNS.

February 2017