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29 March 2007 10:30

iTeki Hidden Camera Wireless Signal Detection Pen,

***iTeki Hidden Camera Wireless Signal Detection Pen, Silver*** This versatile pen wireless signal detector is a perfect kit to help you stay away from intention spying, no matter where you in a hotel, dressing room or anywhere personal privacy need to be secured. It utilizes the 4th generation RF broad-brand wireless detecting technology, it is a combination of RF and UV detection device, which allows you to detect wireless signals(brand between 100M-3000MHz), it is a very effective device to protect you from spying devices which required wireless signals transitions. It could automatic detect wireless signals and alerts with a colorful flashing light at the tip of the pen, according to signal strength the flashing will be more frequent. It also could be used as a bill-tester, push the button on the side of the pen to illuminate the UV light to check for fake currency by detecting the water mark. It is a smart device to secure your privacy no matter where you are. Features: * Simple to use and easy to carry * Integrated innovated micro-chip, built-in wireless antenna. * Automatic RF UV detection * Detects a radius of 1-10 meters (Depends on signal strength) * Detect wireless signals of 900/1200/1300 and 2400/2600/3000MHz * Built in protection to prevent mobile phone interference * Frequency range 100MHz to 3GHz * Currency checker * Working voltage: 3.6V * Power source: 3 LR41 battery. Last for two months. * Color: Silver