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January 2007

UXD - User eXperience Design: What's on my Bookshelf

Desert island time for user experience design. Two must-have books.

October 2006

Complex Design: First Make It Effective, Then Wow ‘Em

In creating any kind of complex product, workflow or design it is often difficult to do everything at once, or even in a first version. This can lead to tremendous efforts failing to generate expected business value. How can this be avoided?

September 2006

Flow in Applications

Much of the work on flow in HCI has been concentrated on the web experience. As a matter of fact, Csikszentmihalyi's concepts are even more relevant to the design of applications.

Research and the Physical Environment

Understanding your user's physical environment is crucial if you hope to design an appropriate user experience.

UXD - User eXperience Design: I am what I am

In the Cubicle of the Unknown Consultant, there hangs a homily captured from a well-circulated e-mail: You know you have a job in technology if you need a PowerPoint presentation to explain what you do for a living.

The Hand-Off Between Information Architecture and Visual Design

If form follows function, the information equivalent may be "look follows feel." Or, in a wordier form, visual design follows IA.

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