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May 2007

BRE Patterns III: Collaboration Cop, Part II

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In explaining this pattern, I wanted to take a step back and explain where and how OO and BRE's intersect. To start with, this excellent post over at Mark Proctor's blog makes the following statement: Assert all your objects as...

1 Picture == 1,000 Words

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For most of us, visual presentation has a greater immediate impact than text or numbers alone. Graphs are effectively used in presentations for that very reason: they quickly convey that Column A is larger than Column B, or that Line...

April 2007

#*&)#*$)# Software.

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Nothing is more frustrating than having your software beep at you when you’re trying to do something you *know* it can do, and you’re flummoxed as to why it’s resisting your every effort to continue on with your work. All...

February 2007

BRE Patterns III: Collaboration Cop, Part I

The pattern I'm writing about today -- Collaboration Cop -- is much meatier than the two previous ones, in my opinion. This one is all about transplanting the implicit and explicit business rules of an OO system from its objects...

August 2006

Agile Ajax: More on Cognitive Load - The Rendering Tier

Why writing your presentation layer in Java instead of HTML/Javascript/CSS doesn't muddle your tiers but instead improves the flexibility and elegance of your design.

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