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September 2008

NoiseRiver ยป

You're an addicted user of FriendFeed, and we understand you! isn't it just so Magic!. NoiseRiver is not intended to replace FriendFeed, it's an experimental service still in Beta stage of developement that aims to extend friendFeed with some cool features like ranking on your interests and/or your feelings about other friendfeed's users. Give it a try, login with your nickname and remote Key!

January 2008

December 2007

HOWTO: USB Host mode on the N800 using OS 2008 - Internet Tablet Talk

USB host mode can allow the user to connect various hardware devices to the N800 just like a regular computer. There are limitations however, there is limited power and only a few device types will work.

March 2007

Permission Simple - Flux CMS Wiki

Admin Access Everyone in the group admin can log into the admin interface. There's no distinction there, so everyone in the admin group can see and edit everything

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