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ASPN : Python Cookbook : sed/awk : Python script to rename subdirectories of a directory tree, replace strings in files

I needed to write a sed/awk Python equivalent for walking into a directory tree and renaming certain subdirectories, while also looking into all xml files on the way and replacing/modifying certain strings in those files.

Frequently-Asked Questions about sed, the stream editor

ssed and Perl solution The best solution for multiple files in a single directory is to use ssed


dogtail: taking your application for a walk

You can use dogtail for automating and testing web UI. For example, you can write scripts that fill in forms on web pages, and obtain data back from the results. This movie shows a script driving Epiphany to fill in a form on a website site. The site in question is the front page of Google; the script carries out a search on Google and then logs the search results.


Board Reader - Поисковая система, специализирующаяся на форумах :: Homo-Adminus Blog by Alexey Kovyrin

Всего несколько дней назад была запущена новая поисковая система с говорящим именем Board Reader.

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