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May 2008

Teemu’s Blog » Fupper

Fupper is a photo uploading tool that you can use to upload photos to Flickr photo service using Series 60 mobile phones. It is written in Python and released as open source under the GPL license. You can find the source code from here. To download the application see the “Installing” section below.

Python for Maemo

Python-GPSbt is a binding, based on libgpsbt, that provides access to GPS data through osso-gpsd. It only depends on a Bluetooth GPS device already paired.

Python на Symbian S60: объекты, создание интерфейса (модуль appuifw) пример - Статьи - ЖУРНАЛ «MOBI»

Python на Symbian S60: объекты, создание интерфейса (модуль appuifw) пример

PyS60 applications - OpenSource

Here are some of the applications people have written using Python for S60.

Nick's Code

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Python Code * S60 Python GPS Info Viewer (NMEA Bluetooth and S60 Location) (graphical) (v0.27) GPL (blog post)

April 2008

Command Line Warriors : /python/three-useful-python-bindings-2007-12-01-20-23.html

A lesser known fact is that Ubuntu and Debian have a package called python-apt, which allows for similar capabilities. To get it, you need to: apt-get install python-apt

Python Scripts and Examples - This example Python script will manipulate files and directories. (rename files) - This example Python script will rename all files in a directory. - A simple Python tkinter scripting example that will check if you are connected to the internet. EasySSHnSCP - Example Python SSH and SCP script using the pExpect python Expect module.

March 2008

Tag python, everything about python : Веб-разработка «по-русски» |

Мысли, идеи, задачи и решения по веб-разработке. Взгляд с персональной позиции автора.

January 2008

Linux в доме для всего: Функция на Python для отправки e-mail с прикреплением файлов

вариант функции на Python для отправки сообщений электронной почты с прикрепленными файлами.

wiki/Skype4Py - Skype Developer Zone

Skype4Py is a Python wrapper for the Skype API.

ASPN : Python Cookbook : sed/awk : Python script to rename subdirectories of a directory tree, replace strings in files

I needed to write a sed/awk Python equivalent for walking into a directory tree and renaming certain subdirectories, while also looking into all xml files on the way and replacing/modifying certain strings in those files.

Python - DreamHost

The current deployment situation on dreamhost involves either using CGI which is very slow and not really an option if you're using a framework or fastcgi - installing trac on dreamhost

Installing Trac on Dreamhost takes a bit of work.

Nabble - Python - German - syncml client

SyncML Namespace als Python-Klassen zu implementieren:

Creating Debian packages and a repository for Python apps for the N800

So I created which adds Debian Package support to Python Distutils. Note: I've discovered this needs Python 2.5.1

Очаровательный Python: Магия декораторов

У декораторов есть общая черта с более ранними метапрограммными абстракциями, введенными в Python

Python класс для работы c

python класс для работы с

slav0nic: MoinMoin pygments парсер

MoinMoin (wiki движок на python) подсветки SQL

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