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September 2008

ANNOUNCE: Easy Debian For Everyone! OpenOffice, Firefox 3, Java, AbiWord, IceWM, etc

This version uses Bundyo's 'hostwin' app to open the IceWM window (and give it a nice icon). The most important thing about this is that there are no more dependencies on Python packages. You can install the easy chroot package on a stock tablet now. It also includes Benson's much more flexible chroot script, which allows you to change your chroot settings by changing the settings in the /home/user/.chroot file.

December 2007

WordPress › Simple OpenID plugin « WordPress Plugins

Simple OpenID plugin is a plugin for Wordpress that enables visitors to use their OpenID if they want to post a comment instead of a registering yet another local Wordpress account or typing their credentials over and again.

April 2007

Unclassified NewsBoard

Here you can talk to other UNB users or admins and share new ideas or report bugs. See the project homepage for details, downloads and developer information. Guests are allowed to post here, but please show some discipline. Inappropriate postings may be altered or removed (silently).

March 2007

Blog post xml-rpc via vim python markdown

Нам понадобится vim с поддержкой python Python markdown Подсветка синтаксиса markdown для vim Примерно такой кусок кода в .vimrc

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